How To Powerfully
Armed Yourself TO Progressively Lose Weight

Start using it now. It doesn’t matter if your relationship with God is new, strong or just about non-existent right now. Start using this checklist because it will put you further ahead in your weight loss journey faster and get you unstuck. It's time to receive God's Life Changing Power. SEE BELOW!

Experience God's Life changing Power For Weight loss Success!

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You've made every attempt to get it right this week, but weekends completely sabotaged the whole thing. You never found the answer to staying consistent because weekends through you off course.

Are you still wondering why?

So wouldn’t it make sense that we have a plan in place to make this stop happening?

Everyone that knows me knows that I love to invest my time in helping Christian women all over the world find freedom from what's making them feel like a failure. My goal is to see women like Elly lose weight more efficiently and stop unwanted cravings through the teachings of Christ at the center.

In doing so with our group coaching programs, I’ve designed a super simple checklist that helps you get started on your own.

If you don’t have the checklist already, you can download it here.

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